Friday, May 25, 2012

My sister from Travels with Persephone travelswithpersephone.blogspot.com 
awarded me a Versatile Blogger Honor - 
(I think that's what it is called)  

I'm suppose to rattle off seven random things about myself...so here goes...

1)    Looking through old photos on my old PC (which is why I have this old photo of me above taken somewhere in Peru)...in what else...a food market...look at my mona-lisa/cheshire-cat-smile...(and my very short haircut)...and you should be able to tell what makes me happy... shopping in produce markets all over the world...which gives me an idea to write a blog post with all the photos of me in markets...could be a big post though.

2)    I am a speaker and reader of several foreign languages, all mostly poorly, my English is getting worse and my  French is my best-est (and I now make up words), and one of my greatest faux pas was when I was 16 staying with a French family and they asked me if I had enough food.  I responded by saying, "Oui, je suis pleine", which means, "Yes, I am pregnant."  Most of the time now I am just confused and try everything...but I do understand menus very well.

3)    The schizo part of me is working on not having a total meltdown when the WiFi you were relying on doesn't work in that remote part of the world ...I know...very schizo of me.  Anyone have a solution?

4)    Did I ever tell you I am a flaming feminist environmentalist activist filmmaker educator traveler cultural addict?  Big time.

5)    Drumming with a group and dancing with the lights down low makes me happy happy.

6)    Bees, olive trees and roses and their elixers are my latest passions...

7)    I am a shaman (and YOU may be one too) ever on a spiritual path to balance the feminine and the masculine ways. Here I am (another very old photo) shopping in the shaman's market in one of my favorite cities in the world, Cusco, Peru.  Hanging in the doorway are some honkin' big dried llama fetuses, used in Despacho ceremonies.

Ciao bellos