Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Athens or London?

 Following your bliss isn't easy sometimes.  Sometimes it is downright difficult!

That's what I'm doing in London and Athens and further down into the villages of the Peloponnese...following a dream deferred that I didn't know I had until the dust of motherhood settled a little bit.

Forty plus years later, I've taken on the art of filmmaking in the digital age.
At my age, that ain't easy.  But it is said that the way to beat the onrush of old age dementia is to learn something new.

We're not talking crossword puzzles, (although they are an endless source of fun for my husband and me), but something new and difficult, to work your brain cell connections  in a way that forces growth of new neuro-pathways as in a foreign language or keeping up with the Kardashians...er...or in the wonders of micro technology...as in digital filmmaking.

So off to London I go to follow my favorite teacher Michael Rosenblum,  who teaches bootcamp courses in New York and London, on becoming a video journalist.  He believes that we all can report the news and journal about the world from wherever we may be, given we learn how to do it.

Much of what I spend time fumbling about with, is the techno stuff.  Drives me crazy. But I adore all the possibilities of telling a good story visually and audibly.  Makes my heart sing to bring to you some of the beauty I hear and see when I travel this lovely Mother Earth.  (Smell-a-vision must be just around the corner.)

Winston was right when he said it would be "blood, sweat and tears" shed for England.  I did all three while making this one-minute mini-doc, about a man I found 15 minutes before he went on stage to play his recorders, during a lunchtime concert at St. Pancras Church in central London.

The crush of the deadline met, the rush of the screening given two thumbs up by my favorite teacher and classmates, and the pleasure of meeting someone who was a stranger just minutes before and is now a very fond memory, is the cure for shyness that my inner doctor ordered.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  To push your limits just one step further than ever before, is living on the edge just a bit.  Enough for this goddess crone.