Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Return to Lovely Ellas

Here I am once again in the land of Greeks, in Ellas, the land of Athena the goddess warrior protector of Athens, standing guard at the parliament where democracy started. It was 44 years ago that I first stood side by side with one of these guards and posed for this same photo.
Women have been standing side by side holding up the feminine half of humanity for a long time.
Women friends and soul sisters providing the sustenance and nurturing for each other and so many others...

 ...and a few good men like Mister Casey, my dog sitter, who is in charge of me while I house sit.

I return to this ancient storied land and people, to contemplate how we do and don't protect each other's rights to...

...clean water, clean air and clean food.

Just as one old olive tree in an orchard of olive trees...

...and one anemone in a field of blooms...

 ...I am inspired to heed my calling, do my part, join with the collective energies so prevalent now in the Mediterranean world and ring the bell of freedom!

Below is a link to a personal "thank you note" to the people in Egypt.

What rings true for You?

Below is a link with suggestions of good etiquette for activists - take a read - I learned something new by reading one woman's account of her experience in activism - 
you may too!