Sunday, March 20, 2011

Humanity Ascending

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  
It's the time of the blue full perigee moon of the vernal equinox. 
How auspicious is that?  

These are photos below that I took very early this morning - as the moon was setting - of Grandmother Moon who shines on us all everywhere.

The vibrations felt within the core of Mother Earth and in my body "make me tremble, tremble" as the old Christian hymn goes.  The sleeping giants are waking up...I am waking up..we are waking up together. Here I am standing tall in my moon shadow, moon shadow.
During a conference years ago, whose topic was on the spiritual consciousness evolution and the role of media in that awakening...I had the good fortune to sit side by side with the great visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.  
She is a lovely petite woman born in 1939.  
Ahead of her time in her global views of human evolution, she graciously supported my journey into the realm of filmmaking and my interest in teens and young adults in the shaping of their rapidly changing world.  I love her beautiful smile.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is not only alive to see the changes going on in today's world, she is giving birth to her own self... again... and showing us the way to be an integral part of humanity's ascension.  If you haven't heard of Barbara yet, please allow me to introduce you in the short video trailer for her latest film below.
  Brava Barbara!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Flowering of the Feminine

The Women of Resistance are on my mind this morning. I am seeing flowers in my dreams.

What I am just learning about women in resistance in Greece through layers of occupying armies over the centuries until as recent as the 1970's, sets me off in chokes of tears and fears for the future of our world.

How brutal can man be...what is my legacy to uphold...  
...how strong can women be?

Resistance is in the air.  I can breathe it as it permeates my heart and penetrates my very existence.  What to do...?

Like wild herbs clinging to layers of fragile stratifications of life - I grasp at my role for today.
Shall I be fearful today or powerful beyond my wildest dreams...

...shall I fight the goliaths of evil who are spreading toxins over us all everywhere...

...or hug an old olive tree...

...or my child in his endeavors.Is this enough?

Today is the day to revel in the small pleasures of life...like sunshine and hanging clothes on the line and holding a puppy...

...as the tiny star of Bethlehem returns in the spring again and again...

...I light a candle to shine on all the women who have gone before me and live for them...in the moment...right now.  
There is only now.  Make it a good one!  Hugs!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Carnival in Greece or What?

Today is the day before Lent in Greece.  
As is the custom in Christian countries the world over, followers must clean out the fat foods and set in for 40 days of fasting.  

Called by many names - 
Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Shrove Tuesday, Carnival (meat be gone), Clean Monday (Greek Orthodox Lent is one step ahead of Catholic days), giving up fat foods will soon begin...like lamb soup...

...and lamb shanks with lemon potatoes.

...or wild boar and hyacinth bulbs (I think) in Agios Vasilios (Saint Basil) in the mountains.

Yesterday afternoon all that fat food ended with carnival in the village.  Party time for all ages.  Or was I in my little village in Montana during Halloween?

Apokriatiko!  Time to party!

Dress up in some sort of theme and let the fun begin while parading down the main street.

...and circle dance the night away.

Finish with a dinner with friends next to an olive wood fire at 
Takis' Taverna.  Yamas!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hortapita alla deborah

Horta = greens    Pita = pie
You may have heard of Spanakopita.  That would be Spinach Pie.

Sure enough, spinach is a common green used in Greece.  
But around these parts, all sorts of greens can go into a pie.  
This is a recipe I concocted, based on available greens in my pantry one day.

I wasn't sure about the fennel bulb as well as the capers instead of olives and couldn't figure out what 5 TBSP of sweet "trahanas" were or even the parentheses meant (a Greek product similar to burghul) until...you guessed it - I Googled the word.
Go ahead and Google it yourself.  I found a package of them in the store and will bring the mystery Greek product home.

But in the end, what a wonderful flavor this 
Hortapita alla deborah turned out to be.  So here is the recipe:


1 package phyllo pastry
1 big mound of clean spinach
1 cup capers
1 fennel bulb sliced & diced
1 bunch of scallions diced
2-4 leeks sliced
1 bunch of fennel leaves chopped
1 cup of feta cheese crumbled
3/4 cup olives diced
5 TBSP trahanas (optional)
1 cup olive oil (IF using trahanas - or less without)
4 eggs lightly beaten
4 TBSP toasted sesame seeds
salt and pepper to taste


Saute chopped spinach, fennel bulb, scallions and leeks in olive oil until soft.  Remove from heat and cool slightly and add rest of ingredients.  Mix and dump into a pastry lined pie pan.  Bring sides of pastry over top and swirl into shape, leaving a vent hole in the middle.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in a medium temp oven (350 F or 175 C) for about an hour, until brown on top and bubbly inside.  Cool and slice and serve with a salad.  It gets better and better for leftovers and can be eaten even cold. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleansing Rains, Rivers & Floods in Greece

Cleansing the Chaos?
I haven't seen the sun in many days.

The dry river bed is now running!

The local ravine is gushing!

Making all things shimmer...


...and shine!