Friday, November 11, 2011

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

Angel of God
My Guardian Dear
To Whom God's Love
Commits Me Here

Ever this Day
Be at My Side
To Light
To Guard
To Teach
To Guide

Thank you for the miracle you delivered to Mother Nature recently - you know which one I mean!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All Hallow's Eve in My Hometown

As the sunsets over the Crazies, All Hallow's Eve is just setting in.  The wild and wooly are dressed to howl, and anything goes, nothing that made news during the year is sacred.

In Celtic roots, this season of darkness ushers in the lanterns of light, carved and carried inside squash and pumpkins in shapes intended to scare away evil and invite in the spirits.
Take a large pumpkin, wield a big knife and have at it.
Scrape out the seeds, (save for later to roast and salt and eat)...
...resulting in one gnarly Jack O' Lantern.

A few talented artists... and some not so much.

When out of pumpkins a squash will do.  
Cute smile!

Jack O' Lanterns defensive line-up.

Holy ghosts and poltergeists, deceased relations, saints and sinners mingle and merge.  Here are some notables in my hometown village, known for celebrating Halloween outrageously.  
Some of the most honorable citizens can play other roles less upright and way out there in left field during this ancient celebration.  From mayors to emergency response medical teams, from CEOs and teachers to lawyers and writers, hallow dolly!
The Mad Hatter,says, "It's my right to breathe mercury fumes and Down with the EPA!" (It was the devil that made her do it.)
One day this past summer brought golfball size hail balls that damaged roofs all over the village.  What became the roofer business boon was certainly the insurance companies loss. That's a twist!
 Yaqui Deer Dancer & Pirate were an odd couple.
Princess Beatrice took the sartorial cake at the royal wedding and won first prize in the best dressed category, of course.
      Who doesn't love Dorothy and Toto?
The latest version of the three stooges: 
Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Rep. Anthony Weiner, who tweeted his twitter.  Oops!
Just another man in high office behaving badly a la Dominique Strauss Kahn, Senator John Edwards, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this past year.
 Repo Banker Man - No Joker!
Wise Witch of the West & the Devil's Temptress.
The Lone Ranger's date was Minnie the maid from The Help.  Chocolate pie m'am?
Must have a blond vixen with pink boa and silver bullet nipples at every party...
... & Corporate Sleeze sucking up to Uncle Sam.
Justin you are too cute!  What do you do?
Presto magic ~ please #$@&%* save us from ourselves!
The veil is the thinnest at this twilight wrinkle in time.  Let evil be gone and goodness reign.  Keep us safe and divinely guided. And thank you for a sense of humor.