Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guardian Angel

Angel of God, my guardian dear, 
to whom God's love commits me here, 
ever this day be at my side, 
to light, to guard, to love, to guide.

For some unknown reason, my last blog was nearly 3 months ago on my Mother's 90th birthday.  She passed over almost 19 years ago.

Before bed each night we would kneel and say our prayers.  A favorite prayer of my Mother's was the Guardian Angel prayer, which I find myself reciting when I'm fearful.

It seems I have a lot of fears...fears of finding my voice...fears of what a mess we humans have left Mother Earth in for our children...fears of my own physical pain which bodes uneasily for the rest of my life.

Your guardian angels may touch you with music, whisper in your inner voice, or be there when you nurture your child.  
YOU may be a guardian angel ~ yourself!
If I may, please indulge me in a study of the angel realms.  Let me touch you with little videos of beauty.  I know my guardian angels by name and I wish for you to know all your angels too.  There are many and they are there for you when you call for them.  Just ask!

This 3 minute video is an example of two people's encounter with their guardian angels. Thank you Pippi Jeanne for the lead. 
Click below.
Guardian Angel

This begins a history of the angels in our realms ~ deborah