Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Morning in Greece

Early morning colors are most beautiful in this eastern Peloponnese village in November.

As the villagers wake up to songbirds at sunrise and the grind of motorbikes with their passengers on their ways to work and school, the olives wait for the picking.

Another ancient day begins.


  1. wow - does this bring back memories! i loved sitting on that balcony - and hearing the roosters really brought it all back. i would love to hear more of that thunderstorm you caught at one point....spectacular visuals sister, poli oraio — bravo sou! would love to see more like this!!


  2. Sister ~ this was a quickly made first attempt at uploading to YouTube last year. Yet despite its flaws, it does provoke that deja vu and deja ecoute of simple village life. I'll see what I can find of the rest of the thunderstorm roiling in. Actually, it sort of passed over and we picked olives later that day.****