Friday, November 11, 2011

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

Angel of God
My Guardian Dear
To Whom God's Love
Commits Me Here

Ever this Day
Be at My Side
To Light
To Guard
To Teach
To Guide

Thank you for the miracle you delivered to Mother Nature recently - you know which one I mean!


  1. oh boy. did this bring back memories. i haven't said that prayer since childhood - i guess we must have learned it at the same time!

    (also remember the constipated cross-eyed bear! hehe)

    so which miracle did mother nature bring?

  2. The Keystone XL Pipeline permit was delayed in approval by President Obama. It's a very big deal. Right now I am attending the annual meeting of Northern Plains Resource Council and we are all elated. We still need to be vigilant, but we have time now to perhaps prevent this environmental disaster from ever happening.

    Are you familiar with this?

    Hooray and power to the people!

  3. Deborah, the Keystone thing is big news up here, too. Lots of government action pressing on your people in DC for the go-ahead. But a bad idea is a bad idea, wherever it is.
    There's been a lot of talk of putting a pipeline through five mountain ranges to our west coast, and shipping stuff to the Chinese. I didn't see the movie, but it sounds like "Dumb and Dumber."

  4. OMG yes Rob-bear! a bad idea is a bad idea. Tar Sands are so nasty and the cutting of the Boreal forest is climate disaster. Agreed that any path for this pipeline is dumb and the dumber idea of crossing the mountains to the Pacific so that the tar crud can be shipped to China takes the honor of stooopid.

    But big business is persistent and usually get their way with enough lobbyists and money. It hurts to know what happens in politics.