Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland In Montana

You know I've been traveling lots lately, but when I return home I am always struck by it's own charms.

Red sky in morning- sailor take warning.

The winds are whipping up white caps on the sea of snow.

And Jack Frost leaves his imprint on the window.

An injured deer brought down by a small pack of coyotes becomes a field dressed-out feast 
 the meat eater birds, like magpies, crows, ravens and eagles.  
There is a pecking order too but I'm not sure how it works yet.

There lurks the wild standard poodle in these parts of our woods 
and she is pretending to be a pointer today...

snorkeling for good scents under the snow and in the hoar frosty bushes.

And the healthy fluffy bunnies that breed like rabbits somewhere around here underneath wood havens (I will get a bunny shot another time), who must be live trapped in the spring to avoid garden warfare later on.

The fearless skilled snowplow driver husband ready to jump in the truck and push the snow far enough aside to keep it from drifting over our long driveway by morning.

Mama golden eagle takes her turn pulling bits and pieces off the furry hide.

The Crazy Mountains majesty in icy pinks and blues.

As I survey the wondrous winter scape at days end, I know that Life goes on within difficult times and conditions, yet how fortunate we are to be free.


  1. how different to our summer landscapes

    Yes we are fortunate to be free (within the confines of society though)

  2. the foto of the sky is breathtaking, and i love the snowy waves of the second one.......even the deer is beautiful in its own way -- life needs to feed on life, as the eagle demonstrates....

    great shot of the crazy mtns and you, facing your freedom with open arms!

  3. Janet ~ where are you from? Yes, my american passport is still like gold when it comes to crossing most borders, but the sentiment around the world has certainly changed.

    Sister ~ do you recognize the facing freedom shot? Like your header photo - my mimic - the most sincere form of flattery. When I get my new little Lumix going I will try for the wide angle in winter just where you stood and compare. xoxo

  4. Well, before you ever told Amanda about the mimic/flattery shot, I jumped on it. Both yours and Amanda's are beautiful and I understand the sisterhood (with 5 sisters of my own)

    I loved the story of the china, your mom, and how you are passing down your heritage. I am "following"