Saturday, December 25, 2010

Full Moon Solstice Christmas Season

What a busy time of year, at year's end.  
'Tis the season of controlled chaos, somewhat self created, but do you feel the momentum toward the light?
With each sunrise, the soul is uplifted.  Warmth and mood elevating with the promise that the world will go on...
...and our leaders are listening to our heartfelt petitions...
...on this day when a child was born in a humble stable where animals were housed and fed, a child who came to show the way...
...and where consumerism got all mixed up with giving...
...turn your face to the light and the beauty of human creation...
...and to Grandmother Moon, as she in her fullness sets.
Listen to your own heart and bloom in place on this beautiful Mother Earth we call home!
Merry Christmas everyone.  Love YOU!


  1. what a beautiful post.........but that foto of grandmother moon setting over the snow in her pink mantle is just, well............magical.

    merry christmas, dear sister -- was thinking of you yesterday probably up to your neck in turkey and stuffing.......hope it was wonderful having the family around -- and not too much snow!!!

    love and hugs


  2. Deb, Love your blog page! Inspiring and I really enjoyed the utube of Jill Bolt Taylor on her stroke. Love your picture. Looking forward to seeing you in person. J

  3. Amanda ~ up to my neck in duck, turkey and ham...a flesh eating feast! And 11 people supervising. As usual, all turns out good enough. Nothing broken, dressing slightly burned but great gravy and fresh tangerines with pomegranate seeds over cranberry sauce. And yams and green beans and pies and good wine...what size army did you feed?

    Jeanne ~ welcome to my blog world! Just watched "Year of Living Dangerously" last Sunday night. It still pulls me in with the story and cast of actors/characters. Linda Hunt as Billy Kwan is amazing.

    Yes - let's get together face to face - how long in town?

  4. Wonderful post, very touching.
    Sorry to comment this late but I was overseas with no internet!

    Hugs and wishes for a happy, love-filled, healthy and prosperous 2011!!!

    Ele xx

  5. OMG - how did you survive w/o internet? I can do it IF I know it won't be available...but if I am counting on it working and it doesn't - then it could be distressing = yikes I'm busted.

    Ele - please consider becoming a Follower officially - it's a small goal for me to add Followers in the new year. and btw - loved the skating post and sauces for Bollito Misto recipes on your blogs.