Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lights in the Darkness

Kate McGarrigle, who passed over a year ago this month, is remembered for her voice of roses and thorns accompanied by her sister Anna's harmony.

In this link below, she sings for the last time with her whole family, on stage in the Royal Albert Hall, a parting lament to Proserpina (Persephone) to come home to her mama.

Click "play" and then "pause" and wait a few minutes for the video to buffer to enjoy the song all the way through to the end.

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At this year's end, I am thinking of my sisters and daughters and our mothers and grandmothers.  May our lights carry on through the darkness.

This is especially for you, my sister, who travels with Persephone!  



  1. Beautiful thoughts and an amazing story of Kate. Welcome to blogging and may you meet many friends along the way.

    Lovely thoughts for sisters (I have 5), mothers, daughters, and grandmothers... I will be back again. Special wishes to Amanda, also...


  2. thank you dear sister for this --- what a lovely - and appropriately haunting - tribute to Proserpina/Persephone. Because of this post I looked up the McGarrigle sisters and learned a lot about this talented family -- and Kate's talent will most certainly be missed.....


  3. Genie ~ nice to have another sister, daughter to share with. Your blog is from Paris? Paris is a favorite place where I feel very comfortable. How fortunate for you to live there. My next step is to become your Follower.

    Amanda mou - aren't the McGarrigle sisters wonderful?! If you delve deeper you will discover music that warms the soul. We used to make harmonies like Kate and Anna - and that I loved.xoxo