Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rome to Home

Let's see - I left Roma on the rapido train to Milano on Saturday at 10:15 am (via Firenza and Bologna)...

...having first had a farewell cappuccino and special pastry with my wonderful host Nanni at her favorite caffe...

... after a last familiar walk down my morning and evening beaten path, carpeted with golden leaves...

...having said goodbye just the afternoon the day before to my darling Italian lesson classmates,...

...proud that my old bones can still support the backpack containing my TV quality video camera, which I carried to film the olive harvest in Greece...

 ...along with the laptop which connects me to the global world and is a vessel for my creativity, all the cords and cables and phones... 

...as well as two suitcases and one purse which all hung on my achy breaky body...

 ...to the highly recommended Hotel Cardano (by TripAdvisor.com) at Malpensa airport (MXP) outside of Milano, as the sun sets outside my window over the residential airport neighborhood.

 Taking stock of the wardrobe I wore everyday these past two months, (and used that sewing kit to mend holes with several times), I ponder how to configure the airline's allotment of bags and weight restrictions...

...for the next morning's flight.  

I gaze with heavy eyes outside my porthole window at Milano below and the Alps in the distance dusted with fresh snow...

... commencing a long journey westward to awake to sunrise over the snow dusted Pryor Mountains of Montana, facing East where I came from two days earlier (and little sleep later)...

...and through my grape arbor framing the ski run in the Beartooth Mountains to the south, it is now Monday morning.

The flock of wild turkeys, which escaped Thanksgiving dinner, has come to greet me.

Cluck, cluck! I am proud to have fulfilled my dreams pursued.  

Ah, home is sweet home - but I will return.


  1. Beautiful, Deborah! So lovely to read your posts and see your lush photos, and so glad you are home! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

    Polla filakia!

  2. i loved reading this post dear sister ------- following your journey from rome to home --- such great fotos and narrative of your long and fulfilling voyage!! welcome home and heart-filled wishes to you for a smooth re-entry into your daily routine!!

  3. Well my gorgeous Greek goddess delphias ~ I guess home is where you crash and that I've done! Slammed with a head cold like we had before Amanda.

    Alexis - we will find a time in our Montana moments to meet and greet and catch up. What is normal anyway?

  4. Wonderful. You are a brave, adventurous and delightful woman. I am proud to be your friend.

    I love the picture of you in the mirror.
    Welcome back home, Deborah.

  5. Ah, another adventurous soul, sharing her talents on the blogosphere. I came in from Amanda's to welcome you.

  6. Welcome Lakeviewer! What lake do you view?

    And thanks sister for being the connector through which we like-minded wise women share.

    I am honored to be mutual Followers and isn't it nice to know that retired educators can learn new tricks?!

  7. Your world is so different to mine. I love the aerial pic of snowcovered Milan.

    Festive greetings from Africa.