Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Faithfulness Angel

Those of you who know me will understand my choice of this image.  Isn't she lovely?

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"Angelic Realm Four"
transliterated by: "Michael AngelOh"
featuring master artist: "William Bougeureau"
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Angelic Realm Four: "The Faithfulness Angels"
When we place "Trust in ourselves or another", we in turn invest our belief in the strength to fulfill a nobel goal or everyday challenge and trust in the possibility that it will be accomplished. Faithfulness is blossomed thru "Trust" and when we begin to trust the higher power inside of which "The Faithfulness Angels Realm" reside, we empower our own sense of Purpose and Being. When we trust a person at their word, we in a real sense elevate them in their perception of being trust-worthy. Of course trust is developed through sincere thoughts, words and actions and when we choose to trust someone who has betrayed us in the past, with that act of faith, we sow theseeds of healing and growth,and allow the possibility for what was wronged to be righted once again...

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