Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Laughter is Good Therapy

Okay, okay...these ancient advertisements will surely make you smile and perhaps even laugh out loud.  Then ask yourself, "What were they thinking?" 

I particularly enjoy the Blatz beer ad -"How mother and baby picked up."  That's exactly what my mother's doctor told her when she was trying not to miscarry -  "Sit, have a beer and cigarette and relax."  Blatz beer was tasty.

Thank you sister Paula for the forward!

Google Images - Blatz Baby.jpg


  1. Hi Deborah, I cannot see any of the advertisements (just white boxes with red "x") but the comment you made about your mom's doctor reminded me about a comment a speaker made about the baby boomers. "If your mama really loved you, while you were riding in the car on her lap in the front seat, she would roll down the window to blow her cigarette smoke out!" (Thankfully, my mom didn't smoke, but I did ride on her lap!)


  2. dear sister -

    i echo genie's comment about the fotos - woud love to see them all!

    because i love your blog i have nominated it for tripbases' 7 links project - all the details are on my latest post — congrats!!!

    sister panda

  3. Genie in Paris and Sister Panda ~ oh no! the solar flares must be flaring again. But when i click on the link I get the photos - all old time advertisements...hmm...try again? let me know...nothing like anti-climatic.

    that makes me think of a cute movie I rented the other night (hubby out of town) it's called "The Kids are All Right" with Annette Bening, Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple of parents with a daughter and son via sperm donation by the Mark Ruffalo character. Very poignant and hilarious too.