Monday, August 29, 2011

Dirty Oil Pipelines Overland and Underground Everywhere!

Our songbirds will sing no more.  Their nesting habitats are being bulldozed under in the tar sands mining process with the whole Boreal forest in danger, especially if the U.S. demands more dirty oil.  These are the same birds that visit our backyards.  No more.

Just what are Alberta's Tar Sands oil deposits and how are they mined?  See the horrifying video below. Keep in mind this was a video taken in March 2008.  This is what it means to be getting our U.S. oil from our northern neighbor.  

The deadline for the U.S. President's decision on allowing the behemoth of a pipeline named the XL Keystone Pipeline, (which would cross over and under 7 states and all their waterways and aquifers) is arriving in a few days (Sept. 3). 

The smaller diameter Keystone pipelines carrying less corrosive oil (also by the same big business Trans Canada) are notoriously leaky.  This new wide diameter Xtra Large (XL) pipeline with the most corrosive crude tar sands oil is a disaster so big waiting to happen, that it boggles the mind.  YOU can make a difference by calling and/or emailing President Obama to say,"NO, to the XL Keystone Pipeline."

The world must move away from the dirty oil table and governments must incentivize alternative energy solutions.  I believe we are just ready to be asked, "How can you make a difference?"  Allow us to demonstrate how we can conserve energy better and generate energy in a cleaner way.  We are Americans.  We understand innovation.  We are top in the world for inventiveness.  Let us lead the way.

Aho and Amen brothers and sisters. Please make the call or sign the petition at this link: Tar Sands Action.org Today!

Listen to Mark Ruffalo speak to this citizen action below.

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