Sunday, March 20, 2011

Humanity Ascending

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  
It's the time of the blue full perigee moon of the vernal equinox. 
How auspicious is that?  

These are photos below that I took very early this morning - as the moon was setting - of Grandmother Moon who shines on us all everywhere.

The vibrations felt within the core of Mother Earth and in my body "make me tremble, tremble" as the old Christian hymn goes.  The sleeping giants are waking up...I am waking up..we are waking up together. Here I am standing tall in my moon shadow, moon shadow.
During a conference years ago, whose topic was on the spiritual consciousness evolution and the role of media in that awakening...I had the good fortune to sit side by side with the great visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.  
She is a lovely petite woman born in 1939.  
Ahead of her time in her global views of human evolution, she graciously supported my journey into the realm of filmmaking and my interest in teens and young adults in the shaping of their rapidly changing world.  I love her beautiful smile.
Barbara Marx Hubbard is not only alive to see the changes going on in today's world, she is giving birth to her own self... again... and showing us the way to be an integral part of humanity's ascension.  If you haven't heard of Barbara yet, please allow me to introduce you in the short video trailer for her latest film below.
  Brava Barbara!


  1. i envy your being able to have such clear sight lines to both the moon rising and setting - your fotos are spectacular.

    thanks for the introduction to the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard - I look forward to watching the video!


  2. I noticed your blog pic of Barbara Marx Hubbard from Amanda's blog and just had to stop by. I love her!

  3. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you, what a lovely website you have, never thought about a burning candle as a 'visual prayer'..... very nice....

    Just stumbled upon your site. Love those photographs of the Moon. They're perfect!

    Also, thanks for putting up the other bloggers' sites..... Just went across to one of them, the Mermaid Gallery, and oh my..... It's really something.
    Please send our best wishes when you connect. We were'nt able to post a thank you over there!

    Thanks again, this was really nice!