Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cleansing Rains, Rivers & Floods in Greece

Cleansing the Chaos?
I haven't seen the sun in many days.

The dry river bed is now running!

The local ravine is gushing!

Making all things shimmer...


...and shine!


  1. Love this series of photos and particularly the stone gate entrance... I hope that the cleansing does not cause too much trouble with floods. The sun would be much help with new growth and in drying the soaked land.


  2. is that the river bed in leonidio next to the internet cafe? if so -- wow!! it was dry as a bone in november -- the rains must be heavy -- hoping things clear up so you and steve can have some sunshine for the rest of your stay!


  3. Genie & Amanda ~ please send message to Noah that we need his ark!

    Yes - Leonidio's river does run through it - gushes when a head of steam starts up high near Ag. Vasilios and Kosmas.

    The only reason I know it is morning is looking at my clock. I haven't seen the sun in weeks.

    Spent last night in Napflion after seeing Mikenes ruins and then Epidavros today with the guys. Drank 2 big ouzos last night and turned into a chicken like my pharmacist said would happen if I mixed alcohol with my muscle relaxers.

    Strange things happen when deprived of sunlight!