Friday, March 11, 2011

The Flowering of the Feminine

The Women of Resistance are on my mind this morning. I am seeing flowers in my dreams.

What I am just learning about women in resistance in Greece through layers of occupying armies over the centuries until as recent as the 1970's, sets me off in chokes of tears and fears for the future of our world.

How brutal can man be...what is my legacy to uphold...  
...how strong can women be?

Resistance is in the air.  I can breathe it as it permeates my heart and penetrates my very existence.  What to do...?

Like wild herbs clinging to layers of fragile stratifications of life - I grasp at my role for today.
Shall I be fearful today or powerful beyond my wildest dreams...

...shall I fight the goliaths of evil who are spreading toxins over us all everywhere...

...or hug an old olive tree...

...or my child in his endeavors.Is this enough?

Today is the day to revel in the small pleasures of life...like sunshine and hanging clothes on the line and holding a puppy...

...as the tiny star of Bethlehem returns in the spring again and again...

...I light a candle to shine on all the women who have gone before me and live for them...in the moment...right now.  
There is only now.  Make it a good one!  Hugs!


  1. My goodness, this is a beautiful post, Deb. It's brought me to tears. Missing you. See you on the other side of the Atlantic soon! xoxo.

  2. what wonderful juxtapositions -- the sheer intensity of color of the first shot and then - ugh - the chemical canister. insecticide spread along the olive groves? an enlightening post♡

    when do you return?


  3. Sisters ~ had a beautiful day with Marina in Athens doing what we women like to do - touching fabrics - trying on shoes and sitting with a frappe on Adrianou St. by the Roman Agora in the sunshine.

    Two incredible street musicians played tonight - one on Ermou near the tiny Metropoli church and H&M - from Benin - West African rhythm - magical and then a Roy Orbison style guy on electric guitar near the Metro at Monastiraki.

    Had orzo and lamb and beets greens at my usual place - under the moon. Felt your presence. Wish you were here. Home tomorrow.

    Kali nikta ~ xoxoxo