Monday, March 7, 2011

Carnival in Greece or What?

Today is the day before Lent in Greece.  
As is the custom in Christian countries the world over, followers must clean out the fat foods and set in for 40 days of fasting.  

Called by many names - 
Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Shrove Tuesday, Carnival (meat be gone), Clean Monday (Greek Orthodox Lent is one step ahead of Catholic days), giving up fat foods will soon begin...like lamb soup...

...and lamb shanks with lemon potatoes.

...or wild boar and hyacinth bulbs (I think) in Agios Vasilios (Saint Basil) in the mountains.

Yesterday afternoon all that fat food ended with carnival in the village.  Party time for all ages.  Or was I in my little village in Montana during Halloween?

Apokriatiko!  Time to party!

Dress up in some sort of theme and let the fun begin while parading down the main street.

...and circle dance the night away.

Finish with a dinner with friends next to an olive wood fire at 
Takis' Taverna.  Yamas!

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  1. sister - that second to last shot is really amazing - the women dancing around a pinkish cloud --- so cool!!

    what a great festival - trust the Greek Orthodox calendar to find a way to celebrate the day before Lent properly!

    Do I see Sylvia and Jim in that photo?? Say hi to them for me! xoxo